Personal Loans

Whatever is important in your life, First Palmetto Bank is here to help you finance it. Our personal loan options are tailored to meet your needs with competitive rates and friendly terms. Give us a call today or visit a local office if you have any questions about a personal loan from First Palmetto Bank.

Personal Loan Options

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A HELOC is a revolving line of credit secured by your home. Once approved, you can disperse funds by writing a line of credit check. As you pay down your outstanding balance, that amount again becomes available to borrow. You get convenient financing with the potential for it to be tax deductible (please consult your tax adviser). A HELOC is commonly used for home improvements, debt consolidation, college tuition, and as a tool to manage unexpected expenses.

Second Mortgage

For customers who want a predictable monthly principal and interest payment without a complete refinance of the real estate asset, we offer a traditional, fixed-rate second mortgage loan with terms as long as fifteen years. 

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans assist homeowners buying a new house when their current home has not sold, or, if under contract, has not yet closed. This short-term financing method allows you to leverage the equity in your existing home.

Residential Lot Loans

This loan is specifically designed to finance the purchase of a residential lot for future construction. Five-year fixed-rate balloon loans as well as variable-rate products are available for terms generally not exceeding fifteen years.

Other Collateralized Loans

If you pledge stocks, bonds, savings accounts, or certificates of deposit as collateral, you can enjoy a lower rate on your loan and keep earning on your investment. We can quickly respond to your loan request and offer terms and rates to suit your needs with collateralized loans.

Overdraft Protection

First Palmetto's overdraft protection offers you convenient access to credit when you need it. The unsecured line of credit is linked to your checking account which allows you to manage your cash flow and avoid unexpected overdrafts. There are no annual fees and low minimum payment requirements.

Unsecured Loans

First Palmetto Bank also offers unsecured loans. Although the terms and conditions are normally not as favorable as loans with collateral and the underwriting criteria is more stringent, an unsecured loan may be the correct solution to a financing need.

Questions? We Can Help.

If you're not sure which loan option is right for you, or would like to learn more, please get in touch through our Contact page or visit your local office for assistance.