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In small business lending, local decisions matter. By working with a local bank, all individuals involved in the lending process - from the Banker to credit to underwriting to servicing - are local. They visit your store, eat at your restaurant, and are on your list of clients. Your success truly matters to all of us.

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Whether it is assisting you in structuring your debt to match your financing and cash flow needs, short-term or long-term financing, secured or unsecured, fixed rate or floating, our Bankers will work to understand your needs and seek the best solution for you and your business.

Business Loan Products

  • Real estate financing for both owner and tenant-occupied commercial properties.
  • Short-term lines of credit for working capital and to provide liquidity for unexpected cash needs.
  • Term loans for the financing of long-term assets such as equipment purchases, real estate acquisitions, or other business needs with repayment structured over an extended period of time.
  • Real estate acquisition, construction, and development loans.
  • Letters of credit issued to guarantee payments on behalf of a customer to a beneficiary for a stated period of time and when certain conditions are met.
Business Loans

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