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A new will be launched in the coming weeks. Access to online banking will remain the same.

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Banking For You Since 1904

For well over a century now we've stood alongside our customers by providing the level of personal attention you deserve, to help you better manage your finances and your time. Our personal bank accounts and services are designed to help you weather financial storms, pay your bills, or save a little for the future. We are invested in our local communities through a full spectrum of home loans, vehicle loans, and personal loans that save our customers money and help them build a life. As always, you are welcome to pay a visit to a local branch or browse our banking services online.

Checking Accounts

Tailored to make banking easier, our simple checking accounts are designed for you.

Money Markets

Higher yields and flexible access to your cash make our money market accounts appetizing.

Savings Accounts

Earn interest and save for future expenses with clarity with our savings accounts.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Seek stability by locking in to an excellent CD for a term.


Consider a future with financial security and peace of mind with an Income Retirement Account (IRA).


Combat the toll inflicted by rising medical costs with a Health Spending Account (HSA) designed to help you better plan for medical expenses.

Online & Mobile Banking

Keep track of your accounts no matter how much time remains on your calendar or how fast-paced your lifestyle.

Other Bank Services

When you join us, the perks are just manners and smiling faces, but we offer additional services that you might not expect from a bank.

Home Loans

Navigate the mortgage process with the help of experienced local hands ready to serve your needs.

Personal Loans

Meet your financial needs with one of our personal loans.

Vehicle Loans

Automobiles and recreational vehicles are just a few simple steps away with a vehicle loan.