First Palmetto Bank Employee Experiences

If you can imagine working in a tight-knit community where everyone knows everybody else, then you can envision working at First Palmetto Bank.

Join us for a quick tour of a day in the life of a First Palmetto Bank employee.

Arriving at your branch office at the beginning of the day starts with a passing thought about what you might run into today. Each day is not quite like the one prior, with new faces, experiences, and tasks to complete. While the weather varies from sunny South Carolina summer days to quick cold (and sometimes wet) winter days, this community bank lends itself more to the sunny side.

Your office team is composed of a dedicated Branch Manager, an amicable Loan Officer, and several Tellers who always seem to know every face and name that comes through the door. Questions about family, pets, and the latest projects pepper the conversation about which money denominations or which account to withdraw the mortgage payment from.

And while the soggy weather made it a little harder to get out of bed this morning, the warm faces seem to ease the burden a little.

As Maria, the ever smiling Customer Service Representative (CSR) at the new Devine Street location says,

“I enjoy working for First Palmetto Bank because of the friendly, supportive staff. We have created close relationships with our customers over the years. Our customer base is long standing and loyal which makes the relationship more like family. Everyone is known on a first name basis here.”

And you know this even more when the customer calls to specifically speak with Maria, and doesn’t just ask for the CSR or a Teller. That is the type of relationship you will generally foster with your customers, whether you work in the back office or if you get to work directly with customers.

If you observe a Loan Officer at work, you never know what the connection is with the person walking in the door. It may be a mutual friend or it may be a civic club membership in common. Relationships often are extensions of other relationships outside the doors of the office, where First Palmetto employees are often active members and servants within their respective communities. They choose to work for First Palmetto precisely because they believe in working where they live and providing valuable services to those around them.

And while many organizations see an active Executive Management team, First Palmetto Executives are often known to cut through a lobby shouting a quick but friendly greeting or pausing to see how so-and-so is doing. In many places, a darting Manager may stir some anxiety or worry, but at First Palmetto Bank, that’s just not the case.

And while you recall a prior position you worked a few years back, you pause, albeit briefly, to relish the thought of no longer just being a cog in a machine. If there is any single  unifying theme that just about all First Palmetto employees will share with you outside of the friendly faces, is that you are never limited to a single hat. In fact, you are encouraged to wear different hats and explore different areas that many larger organizations assign only to certain titles.

“It’s a benefit working for a smaller institution as you are able to dabble in all areas of the Bank, from Teller work to Loans to Marketing; there is so much flexibility! Out of the four financial institutions I have worked for, this is by far my favorite! The staff here truly care and show much support for each other”

reports Tyler, a CSR-trained Teller who sometimes travels to other locations to fill in for vacationing workers.

And while you may be a little tired at the end of the day when the office lights are turned down,  and you slide behind the steering wheel for the drive home, you still sense the reward of a job well done. Today you were able to resolve an issue for an ailing customer that needed help. You reflect on the quick conversation with your back office contact that helped resolve the issue, and still can’t help but chuckle at that little joke she made while she deftly made the necessary account update you uncovered. And you happily remember the profuse thank-yous coupled with the sheer sound of relief in his voice when you called him back.

That is exactly what makes the job worth it, at the end of the day.

If the idea of each day being a little different no matter the role excites you, then we invite you to visit our Banking Careers page to review all current available positions and submit your cover letter and resume via secure drop off. The First Palmetto team is always looking to add people who want to grow and work diligently to make happy customers even happier.

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