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The Six First Palmetto Bank Core Values

First Palmetto Bank, Since 1904 - Core Values

"At First Palmetto Bank, our core values define who we are, how we got here, and what we strive to become."



When First Palmetto Bank, then called the Wateree Savings & Land Association, started out in the fall of 1904, the mission was simply to promote home ownership by lending to local residents. While many branches have turned their lights on for the first time in new places over the subsequent century-plus, not much has changed when it comes to the core value of community. 

First Palmetto still makes all of those local loans to first time homebuyers, growing families, and couples in their golden years. However, we now support local businesses in good times and bad, with loans that empower a new local storefront or augment the growth of a rapidly rising tide at a dynamic small business.

We have grown with all of our communities, spanning from the northern midlands of South Carolina all the way to the coast. In many cases, First Palmetto Bank made the loans to multiple generations in families committed to making their respective communities a better place to live and work. You can expect to be greeted by smiling faces with decisions made by the kind of people who know both you and your community. You will even see us around at most of the local festivals and traditions which make our communities unique.


Entering one of our branches should be a consistently good experience. Since 1904, we remain the familiar face most aptly characterized by our special palmetto emblem emblazoned on all of our buildings. We pride ourselves on offering the same predictable, trustworthy encounters whether you bank with us in Lancaster, SC or visit the branch in Surfside Beach or Mount Pleasant while on vacation.

While most financial institutions opt for excellence alone, we believe that an excellence in banking is rooted in consistency. Our customers know who they can call when they have a financial need or are ready to take that next step. 


Integrity is something that comes from the inside. It is a total commitment to making the right choice, even when others may not be looking. One of the ways we have gained the trust of our communities and customers is through possessing the integrity to look out for them, in good times and bad, with the same steadfastness that characterized our early nineteenth century founding. 

First Palmetto Bank can say that it survived recessions and depressions because our employees and leadership committed to a course of integrity in good times that made it rock solid in the bad times. While other financial institutions headquartered in South Carolina have come and gone in our nearly twelve decades of existence, our integrity continues to undergird all of our decisions and actions.


We make no secret that we have been around, Since 1904. It is literally our catchphrase and it is in our DNA. An unspoken testament to any organization is that it weathers the storms of life, including even the most unexpected. With leaders making decisions for the long term rather than the short term, First Palmetto Bank is carrying out actions that ensure it is positioned to be around for a long time.

First Palmetto Bank is locally owned, meaning that its shareholders are not spread out in communities that are wholly unconnected to where it conducts business. This frees up management to make decisions that are mindful of local conditions and aware of the needs specific to each community.

In other words, our local ownership ensures we are connected to our community and closest to the people that need the services of one of the few, remaining full-service banking institutions still headquartered in South Carolina.


While some places can get away with consistently being inconsistent, First Palmetto Bank draws upon its longevity, integrity, consistency, and community to foster stability. If you work outward from a stable core of steady leadership, growth, and hard work, then you can foster a culture where stability is an enduring strength.

First Palmetto Bank remains present in the community in which it was founded back in 1904. Meanwhile, we grew in places where branches have existed now for decades. This steady growth translates to expanding in even more communities as a place that helps grow businesses and foster American dreams.

Some customers are the latest manifestation of multigenerational customers, stretching all the way back to their grandparents and great-grandparents. Each generation knew that money placed into the trust of First Palmetto Bank and its predecessor institutions would be there when they needed it. Current customers can rely on First Palmetto Bank to continue to be there when needed the most.


While integrity and trustworthiness are often thought to be synonymous, there is a subtle distinction between the terms. Integrity wells up from the inside and works its way outward in the form of right and proper actions. Trustworthiness first appears on the outside when it is noticed by others and buttressed by the continued expectation for a reliable and consistent performance. Trust is only gained by contingent action.

First Palmetto Bank is trustworthy because we trust our people to take care of our customers. And we remain trustworthy because people trust us with their most important physical asset, their money. We never seek to profit on hidden fees and dubious practices, but rather we recognize that we flourish when our customers can flourish in their financial endeavors.

A lot of this trustworthiness comes about because our customers can get to us when they need us, right down the road. Our commitment is to remain locally available, with enough anticipation of the changes in technology and time to continue to operate in the same, trustworthy manner.